Class Schedule 2017

Local Classes for Prospective Foster and Adoptive Families

Griffin GA
June 3, through June 24 9am-2pm. Four Saturdays in a row.

October 5 through Nov. 16 6-9 pm for seven consecutive Thursday evenings.

Orientation required prior to admittance.

Call Shunda Jones 770-233-6148 or 404-387-1029 to schedule.

Requirements to Become a Foster/Adoptive Parent


The Basic Requirements...

Listed below are the basic requirements to become a foster or adoptive parent for Butts County, Lamar County, Pike County, Spalding County, & Upson County, Georgia DFCS:

*Expense reimbursable by the agency


To Become a Foster or Adoptive Parent...

To become a foster or adoptive parent, inquire at your local Department of Family and Children Services. (Phone numbers and an Inquiry Form for Butts County, Lamar County, Pike County, Spalding County, & Upson County, Georgia are available on our Contact Us page.)


To help make your decision about helping a child experience a happier and healthier childhood, 20 hours of parenting preparation - IMPACT (Initial Interest, Mutual Selection, Pre-service training, Assessment, Continuing Education and Team work.) is provided by DFCS. This is designed to help prospective foster and adoptive families become aware of what foster care is about, the types of children needing placement, the needs of the children, the partnership with DFCS, other community resources, and whether it is right for you.


Below are some anonymous comments about our class:


"I did not believe that I needed any training before attending the class. But since attending, I realize how naive I really was about fostering and adopting. GREAT CLASS!"

- Anonymous Class Participant


"I have had the most enhancing experience of my life about children and how to meet their needs."

- Anonymous Class Participant


"...I wish every parent had to take this class. This class has had a positive impact in my life as a parent."

- Anonymous Class Participant